Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday of the Arts

I have spent most of the summer busy working and then filling up my free time moving into a new place. Slowly but surely the new place is beginning to feel like home. So in the swirling busyness that was all that. I had a little time to dance and did a live dance performance as well. Yet, I did not get to all the art events I wanted to. I heard I missed some goods ones too.

So yesterday before going to the art opening at high Falls I went to check out Artists Row at The Public Market.

This is my friend Gia. Gia creates these very bright and beautiful watercolor images. They are often of animals, can be female figures or of fantasy creatures.
She tries to give some love to what she calls "natures misfits".

To see more of Gia's work go to

This is Rachael. She does this fantastic mixed media drawings and paintings. She uses watercolor, old library cards and magazine images she cuts them into figurative shapes them hinges them with small decorative paper brads to create paper dolls.
To see more of Rachael's work or buy her dolls go to

This is Katie, I meet her at Clothesline and have enjoyed talking to her.... She is part of the NY figure study guild, is a photographer and a mixed media painter...
I have copied the link to her link on the NY figure study page. This features her photographic nudes.

I have been very drawn to her mixed medai work featuring imagery of crows.....

I was told to go check out this guys work by Tim, gia's boyfrend. I recommend you check it out.

The work uses all guitar strings and nail polish for the stained glass look.

I was also lucky enough the meet with and be photographed with two others artists at the Centre at high Falls opening.I am in the center near my painting " Three of Swords" and Margaret is the artist who created the neon macrame piece on my left is the the photographer who took the photo just under mine.

Ps not internet at new place so I may take a bit to get to everything...