Friday, December 3, 2010

Puppets that use fingers for legs-steps tutorial and examples

In  morning care the other day the kids made puppets with finger for the legs.The kids all really got into it.  To do this project use card stock so that it is stiff or use white paper and glue it to cardboard with a glue stick.

This is fairly Easy to do. Draw an8x 10 inch sheet of card stock in half. cut it in half. On one of the cut cut pieces. Start with a simple form A circle for the head and egg like shape with no top and a flat bottom for the body.

Draw two circles about one inch up from the bottom of the shape for the fingers to go through

Have kids draw their own facial features, hair,arms, clothing and other details.

Draw in pencils first

When drawing is complete then color in clothing or other details with markers or crayons.

Have kids trim off the excess paper and carefully folder or pierce into paper at small circles to cut out the circles for the legs. 

If you were using paper instead of cardstock cut out your paper pattern and glue onto cardstock at this point.

Put fingers through the holes. Ta Da! your down you have a puppet ready to go!

Here some the kids made. These are made by kids in grades k-5

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