Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drawing the kids portraits

May 18, 2011

So I was responding to a challenge from one of the kids last week.  One of the kindergartener’s in the morning program draws really detailed figures. Some of the other kids were laughing at her drawings. I said “I think she draws really well.” “Yah! she draws better then you!” was the reply I got. “That’s it, sit down I am drawing you.” I said. I started drawing the kid’s portraits. Other kids wanted their portrait drawn. They are not perfect drawings. It is very hard to draw kids. They really can’t hold still for long. The kid’s eyes are always off because they start looking at me, then laugh because I am staring at them then, they try to watch me draw.

The first batch was also drawn with an ink pen with no chance to erase. One of my staff members likened those to police crime sketches.
It has been great practice for me. The second day I used pencil and started by drawing some of the kids stuffed animals in colored pencil. I then drew the kids The images below are from day two.      


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