Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet selena

 My Halloween theme this year is skeletons. I remember I saw this is in a art project book for kids a few years back.

Selena here is made entirely out of milk jugs. These are strung together with cording to connect her head, torso and pelvic bone.The arms and legs are cut from milk jugs. So altogether you need about five milk jugs. We hole punched the "bones" and then connected them with cable ties. The face and other details are drawn on with Sharpie.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Etsy shop markdown

I might be moving. I have so many art teaching examples and so many crafting supplies. I move a lot. I hate this process!  However It does help me downsize and not accumulate to many things.

So I am having an etsy sale! my Halloween (halloween not capped on etsy) tagged items and several artists trading cards are on sale!Artists trading cards make great stocking stuffers.!

 These are just some of the items marked down.
I mean really marked down to the point I am not sure if I even break even.So look for this logo and save big for your holiday gift buying! especially if your friends are like mine and love Halloween themed things for Christmas!

All photos by Susan Link

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 I work at the Art Gallery with a fellow artist named Eddie Davis he is the third Eddie Davis in his family so officially his name is Eddie Davis The3rd. He is a talented art educator and all around funny guy.Eddie gifted a fellow workmate with this awesome ceramic skull pendent and gifted me a with key chain ring. To quote my friend she said "That' hot". I still owe him a fantastic pink bow tie in fair trade. I am putting a shout out here on my blog for him. Check out his store and buy his stuff.
He silkscreens t-shirt to make his own line and creates his own original drawings and sticker art.
his online store and webpage is
or donate to his cause at:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 I am actually very surprised that I have not yet written a blog about my dog. Smokey is my Humane Society rescue dog. I love her a lot. When I lived alone in Arizona I wanted a hiking buddy.I kept having these dog find me everywhere too. I figured it was sign. I found an apartment that allowed a dog first then checked out the Humane society of southern Arizona page. I have had smokey ever since. She has been a loyal companion and seen me through very many hard times.  Having a dog  has made many things in my life change.

Smokey and I have been to Arizona, Utah, Arkansas and many road trips states in between together.
She has been a trusted photography model. A reason to get out of bed, a reason to walk more and great friend and good conversation piece.

Smokey was 8 years old when I brought her home (we think) she is now about 13.Her eyes don't work as well as they used to but she sure can still hike. We hiked her on Friday, Sat and Sunday over the holiday weekend.We went to three different parks.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures and lasting inspiration from Octobers First Friday

So, this last Friday was First Friday meaning that the Rochester area galleries had art show openings. We went to ROCO then meandered over to SPOT. At Spot we looked at teh photos.We realized we know alot of the models in the pictures.  while in Spot we saw this flier for a dance performance over at the Hungerford. So we hoped over there just in time to see the beginning of the performance.

Then we stopped by and checked out the Suzi- Zefting Kuhn  Co-op gallery.They were wrapping up. Beutiful portraits as always.
So we went over to see what was going on in the Design Gallery at RRCDC. Then we realized hey "That's are neighbor's car in the at photo". In many pictures were photos of neighbors.Many of our neighbors were also in attendance at the show.Ed realized" Hey I was there when that picture was taken" Basically we knew a lot of people in the photos.congratulations to Christin Boggs for making dirt look so pretty and on finishing you thesis.

So we were walking out through the building and i stopped to read the fliers and gallery cards in the stairwells and i saw one witha fun and quirky cartoon that said So i came home and checked it out.

So I wanted to get involved.So here is my submission

Getting all Halloweenie

So besides the Etsy line and the charm swap I of course have house decorating to do and costume accessories to make. Then cookies to bake and frost. I usually make a Halloween house with graham crackers and frosting.

I just started decorating.I should mention that I used to be a preschool teacher.So most of these decorations are from my preschool classroom. I made a tree out of cardboard and at each session the kids could hang charms on it that represented the season we were in. I hot glued yarn loops on onto "Woodies" shapes.  I have put them outside on a branch which is just stuck into a planter with dirt in it.