Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Suess week Cat in the hat earrings a tutorial

This is the steps on how to make a set of red and white "cat hat" earrings. The tell tale red and white striped large top hat.  This uses polymer clay I use the Sculpey brand I like that it is soft and does not need as much softening.However the red clay does stain your hands.

Step one
Roll a medium size ball of red clay about inch size... roll the ball on its sides and tap the edges so you get a cylinder. Also roll out two coils of red and white clay about the same size. Be sure to roll the white one first..If you roll the red first it might leave residue and turn the white roll pink.

Step 2 Slice the larger red cylinder into slices -- I got four slices from mine. It squishes when you cut so you may want to reshape with your fingers  into a circle.
Slice the red and white coils at the same time, that way they will be the same size.
Step 3 Stagger and stack the slices of clay you made that are red and white find the best fit for your new slices create a red the white striped pattern with those.

Step 4 Roll the stacked slices gently and press them together gently.

Step 5 Press the stacked red and white slices onto the larger red cylinder slice.
finger sculpt as desired.

 Step 6 Press a head pin through from the bottom of "brim" of the hat.

Step 7 Put in the oven and bake for five minutes at 275 degrees. Let cool completely

Step 8 Sand the polymer clay with a low grit sand paper. I like the wet dry sanding sponges the best. Smooth out all finger marks folds, miss colorings etc.

Step 9 Brush on a Sculpey glaze.

Step 10 Use needle nose pliers to bend the wire and create a loop. Thread this loop through the loop on a fish hook ear wire. I prefer to bend the wire through the ear wire rather then try to bend the ear wire of a prefabbed fish hook. I find certain brands tend to break when bent.

 Step 11.  Use wire cutters to cut off extra wire after loop is made. Or choose to but beads on a longer pin and make loop and let hang lower.

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