Friday, September 9, 2011

Silly Sandwhich

 For the after school program today. We made a silly sandwich. I had a lot of tan construction paper to use up. I first folded the paper in half length wise then a second time in half width wise. I cut the paper in half length wise then left the paper folded but cut rounded corner and a curved notch for the bread top.

We crumpled and tore green construction paper for lettuce then added sheets of craft foam in pink yellow and orange cut into squares for meat and cheese. We used the tan construction paper and drew on in it scribbles of white red and brown for bacon. We added red foam circles for tomatoes and green foam circles for pickles..The kids loved it and could have kept going adding more things... I considered olives with black paper.. but that was enough for one day

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dazzle backdrops


I have begun working on a project for the Dazzle school. I am very excited to be a part of this program and working with this wonderful organization. The Dazzle school staff has prepared a play for Rochester's Greentopia Festival, Greentopia  is a festival which based on living more "green" Art from local artists that uses "reused, recycled or upcycled art is welcome. there will be a juried art show, vendors and performances.To learn more about Greentopia click here

Lin Wood of the Dazzle board of directors wrote a
play called the "Cosmic Greenies" The play's premise is that aliens from another planet crash her on earth and teach us to be more green. I was asked to make some backdrops for the production that would have cut out circles for people to put their face in for a photo opportunity.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm In the paper.Back to school locker decorating ideas!

 I was asked by a Art Day School Mom and her child to help them write a story on tween locker decorating. I made up some polymer clay magnets and some craft foam items....  The article ran in this Saturday's paper.Read the article, Rochester NY Democrat and Chroncilce article

Thursday, September 1, 2011

back to school locker magnet and other mini food specials

 Each summer I work with several talented teens and tweens at the MAG art day camp. They give my all these ideas for my polymer clay Sculptresslink shop. I just made new batch of polymer clay magnets that would be great for locker, standard kitchen refrigerators and dorm room fridges. these are all miniature food magnets and the steps to making them are very much like to steps for making the actual food items. I was making a sandwich magnet and Ed,my boyfriend said it really is just like making a sandwich.

I have also been making new mini food jewelery items as well..check out the chocolate and strawberry cake bracelet and earring set!  I layer the polymer clay and mold it onto a little cake then cut the slices out and make beads with them.
go to to purchase these and other items.

Tassels Worth The Hassel

 So when I started making bellydance belts I went through some phases. I went to every craft store in the local Rochester area looking for coins. The only thing I found was a trim with thin roman head coins. I started with that and  actually used this beaded Christmas tree trim I found with stars and moons on it along with beads. I started making tassels and fall belts and became a compulsive yarn buyer. I think I now have 43 types of yarn. and roughly 20 something belts....

For belt tassels I usually use the length of my hand to warp the yarn around.I wrap the yarn about 10 -20 times depending on the thickness I want the  tassel to be.

I have to warn you tassels also make for great cat toys. When working on them or wearing them expect your cats to notice and attach themselves to your belt...

My friend and I who would often craft together started to think of other ways to make tassels and have used them to make jewelry. You can click on the link below and buy some of these earrings