Monday, August 30, 2010

Other food jewelry

I have been wearing my cupcake jewelry and people have been requesting other food jewelry. The recent request for polymer clay food jewelry have been Grilled cheese sandwich earrings, Corona earring, plate of tacos necklace and the list goes on.

I have spent the summer working summer camp at the art gallery and the kids I worked with are full of ideas of things they would like to seen made into jewelry. They have given me lots of ideas.
I recently created a cherry pie necklace and slices of strawberry and chocolate cake earrings. Both have been a bog hit. You can buy both these items on my etsy shop

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reports from Park Ave Fest

Total dollars made 30.00.Three items sold
Number of hours spent on making cupcake jewelry a lot
Getting the chance to sell them at the festival and network priceless.

I shared a small tent in the parking lot of Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe with two other girls on Sat of the festival.
They were selling handmade dog biscuits these biscuits were good enough for people to eat.The girl who makes them owns her own company called "A Barkers Dozen". Her friend brought with her a Chihuahua named Sasquatch.That dog drew in so many people.He was wrapped in a little blanket and people just could not get over the cute factor.
People would walk down the street look at mini cupcakes, look at he beautiful cookies.Some inquired about them for them selves and wanted to eat them. Then we would tell them that they were for dogs.Then people would ask me if my jewelry was for dogs. I would explain that the jewelry was for people but you could put it on your dog as well.
Since everyone would ewe and aw over the little dog and how cute it was I put a cupcake zipper pull on Sasquatch. His owner even went down the street to another pet shop and bought a cupcake motif collar.

Here is the face book page for A Barkers Dozen

I guess that my jewelry was shown along with the bake shop on the local Rochester news for Park Ave fest. If you saw it let me know!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cupcake Jewelry at Park Ave Festival

I am honored to announce that I will be selling my line of polymer clay jewelry and accessories inspired by Sugar Mountain Bake Shop this weekend at the Park Ave Festival.
I will be there Saturday 10- 3and Sunday 10-4 selling pens,hair pieces, barrettes and earrings all made from polymer clay. Each item is made to be stylized after a cupcake in the Sugar Moutnain Bake Shop line of cupcakes!