Monday, May 24, 2010

Sundays mural work

On Sunday the weather did not look promising the weather forecast called for rain.
We decided to go paint anyways, hoping others would come join us.I had posted it as a work day.
I am starting to get some more feedback as the project progresses and hope to get more group participation as the project continues.I have had 2 or3 local neighbors and local artists say that they would like to contribute.Thus far Ed and I have worked on outlining and repair of the space.

There are some cracks on the wall space that needed tending to. We filled them with mortar and yesterday we sanded them down on the edge of the seams. I am thinking of trying to use these lines as a way of showing Plymouth Avenue and its divide.These spaces will most likely not blend in with surrounding imagery. I believe in embracing "Happy Accidents" and making them work. The Corn Hill neighborhood sits in such a way that the houses and property divide a once connected street. I would like to find ways to address this division visually of people and place visually.There have been several other events that have created divide "amongst neighbors". How do we show these without offending others or singling anyone out.

I have received some feedback. Things people like and things people do not. I am trying to take all the feedback into consideration and combine elements of everyone's ideas into one cohesive image.

The neighborhood in which we are working has a very rich history. I am trying to combine images that represent the neighborhood's in the local vicinity and the desires of the people who would normally use the Flying Squirrel building. I assure you this is no easy task.

Currently the Corn Hill neighborhood is mostly middle class to upper class with working families some rentals and varied income levels. Some residents I have talked to have lived there for near a century. They feel strongly about their ties to their neighborhood. The annual Clarissa Street reunion brings neighbors together. Some travel from other states to come back and see their old friends and neighbors.
The surrounding neighborhoods are at a lower income level with boarded up house and trash on the street being a norm.Yet the house next door may be beautifully landscaped and flawlessly painted. Some people their have strong ties to each other and the place they live many neighborhood work projects are underway to enhance the area.As a resident of the PLEX neighborhood I would like to be a part of a new wave of community with less divide among neighbors this complex. I have heard peoples negative comments towards me and felt uncomfortable at times. While at other times I loved and accepted in a new community.

How can we get people from different backgrounds and realities to work together? How do we represent them all? I really don't have an answer for that.I am just going to try to do my best with what I am given.

I hope to see some new faces tomorrow when we paint from 4-7.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The last First Friday- May 7th

It has taken me a long time to write about this. Fourteen days to be exact. A friend of mine and I went over to the Village Gate. There was a special event going on we wanted to check out. Plus the Anderson Alley artist studios building right next door, was having an open house.We wanted to make it to Four Walls Gallery but ran out of time.

At Village Gate ArtPeace, a local non profit,was putting on an event. Shakedown, the exhibit of local works by teenagers from 34 local high Schools. Many of the works were vibrant and bold. Some had images of despair. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of media including paintings in oil, watercolor, mixed media collage.Their were also some sculptural and ceramics work on display. The entire upstairs space of the Village Gate was full of works on display. I had been a substitute teacher for many of the teachers who had work on display. To find out more about ArtPeace or Shakedown go to

Next door at the Anderson Alley Spring Fling there were several local musicians in each floor of the old warehouse space performing. There were several artists participating in the open house event with their studio's open for people to come see the work. I spent some time talking to a friend and colleague Nancy Valle, in her new studio space and her studio mate Pat Triviono.

Nancy is a experienced artist and arts educator having several years experience teaching locally through RCSD and School of the Arts as well as Genesee Community Charter school at RMSC.
Her current work is mostly ceramics and glass. She specializes in large outdoor ceramics for garden and outdoor ornamental. The work is bold, colorful and has textures you just want to touch. If you would like to see more of her work go to
Nancy is also a talented glass artist and sells her work at several locations locally including. More Fire Glass and The Memorial Art Gallery's gift shop.

Pat is a talented oil painter work with figurative works. I have talked Advanced painting classes with her at the Creative workshop though instructor Fred Lipp. Her collection of work continues to grow. She uses bold imagery that borders between realistic and surreal.

It was a good night seeing many other artists, art teachers, art enthusiasts and colleagues that I had not seen in a long time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Private tutor tie -Dyes

So amongst my many art teaching jobs I continue to love to work with private tutor students. I have been meeting with one student for private tutor lessons for over a year now. I work with a very energetic and funny sixth grader. We were working on Boy Scout requirements and he had to put a logo he designed himself onto some personalized items. So, I thought "Lets make some t-shirts.We can put your logo on that". I gave him an option of tie dye, paint with acrylics and to use a stencil and spray dye.

He wanted tie- dye so that is what we did. I always tie dye outside. It damages the grass a lot less then carpets in side. You can put the shirt right on the lawn. I have done this with ninth graders. They loved it. In the past I have used rubbers band and Rit dye then dipped the shirt into the dye. This time we used Tulip dye in bottles and dumped the dye onto our twisted shirts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain rain go away. I had planned to go and paint today!!!!

Mural painting will have to wait today.Rain has delayed us from working on the mural last Tuesday and today does not look any better. Tuesday nights 4-7 has been our scheduled time. We are going to have to do some weekends to. What really upsets me about today is I got called for a sub job and did not take it because it would have made me get back after 4:oo and conflicted with painting time.So now we can't paint and I missed a job that I really could have used for days towards my teaching cert.
Hoping to paint this Sunday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Etsy product slideshow

Paper bag puppets

I love making puppets and I really enjoy watching young children play with them. I brought in the the AM program A collection of puppets I had made and then put out the paper bags, construction paper, glue, pom poms and google eyes then let them make their own puppets. I never get tired of paper bag puppets...I love the Fandango ones.Since we are on limited time and with limited facilities for the AM program they work great.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mural projects begins

So, I have not yet posted the more recent sketches of the mural image. I had brought the painted sketch to the meeting and there were some changes suggested. So here is the new sketch. This one is done in pencil on paper and is not as elaborate as the other image. Some things have stayed the same.

We began outlining the image on the wall yesterday.The rain made us concerned to do to much more. We put the ladders up and the rain began. we waited the rain had stopped we knew their would be more later. we decided to just do some basic outlining to see how the paint holds up in the rain. I was not concerned about the paint when it is dry but was worried about it getting wet before the paint was dry. It dries pretty quick and I went by and checked today and it was still there.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Earth works

Impermenace in art

So the clay Lotus flower that I had put in in the Community garden outside our house has slowly changed form. It held up very well for weeks. Then the rain hit it . I intend to let completely become just a pile of clay and then draw into with a stick.

I did not do as well in photographing it each day As I thought I would. But on several days I saw no noticeable change in the images.

Community mural painting starts today 4-7

So was got the wall all power washed yesterday and purchsed some supplies.

Today from 4-7 pm we will patch holes and cracks and begin outlining the image with black paint.

Neighborhood residents are invited to attend and participate in the painting process. Be sure to where clothes that you do not mind getting paint on. Acrylic paint does not come off of clothes. It will most likely be chilly so dress warm as well.

Children must attend with a adult.
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flowers for Mothers Day

I first made these with my students when I taught preschool. They are easy to make and make a nice gift.
Here are the steps you need to take to make these.

1. You need the old card board tubes from toilet paper.
2. You need a sheet of 8 x 10 in. construction paper. Lay the tube down on the end of the paper the measure it. Mark the paper when the tubes ends and roll it down the paper and mark a few times.
3. Cut the construction paper on the marks you just made.
4. Coat the paper with an even amount of glue. Roll the tube into the glue wrapping the paper flush on the tube.
5. After the cardboard tube is covered with the paper glue the tube onto a cardboard base
6. Cut 2 tissue paper ovals and cross them over lapping in two different directions.
7. Pierce the center of the tissue paper with ta pipe cleaner loop pipe cleaner over and press back through tissue paper.
8. Wrap the ends on the pipe cleaner.
9. Puff and arrange tissue paper.

Monday, May 3, 2010

6x6' s are in

I got all my 6x6 artwork in a ROCO. Turned the last one in at 4:00 yesterday. I photographed them all and Ed scanned some. He put in one and i had my private tutor student put some in a s well.Of course I can't post the pictures on here yet. The great thing about this show is that all works of art all cost the same price. Just $20.00 each. All the money goes back to ROCO and all the works are photographed and cataloged listing each artists name and a photo of the work. The first few people who pay the extra amount get their pick to buy any piece from the whole show. No one knows upon viewing which artwork is by who.

Here is the link to last years page and show catalog. I had just one piece in last year. It was number 63 and is still for sale