Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop local this holiday season

Here is list of places you can do just that..

Memorial Art Gallery gift shop (check out my Popsicle stick earrings while you are there) open Tues through-Sun, Find items by local artists and teachers from the MAG.s own Creative Workshop. Or give the gift of an art class to a loved one! Maybe even a gallery member ship!

Craft Company #9 on University Avenue, buy some pottery by Paul Harp

 Baobob cultural Center Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 10:00am until Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 6:00pm
Authentic African artifacts and imports will be available for sale, as well and artwork and hand-crafted items by local artists. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Baobab.

There is still some space left for artists. Rochester artists who would like to help support the Baobab and have an opportunity to sell their wares by participating in the two-day sale should contact Terry Chaka at the center.

Holiday Sale is on for Spot Coffee: Fri. Dec. 2, Sat Dec. 3, Sun Dec. 4 also Sat Dec 10, Sun Dec 11 and Sat Dec 17 and
Sun Dec 18 at Spot Coffee get screen printed clothes and stickers  from Armored Personnel

 OMG wait there's two more Big event this weekend! RMSC show and sale Nov 18, 19, 20 $5.00 admission
Buy glass work from Bella Beads and  Precious metal clay jewelry from JMW silver

Brighton Arts Fest Nov 17,18,19 and go hear Lisa Toth play violin!

Go to Stella Art in East Rochester to purchase art prints of photos by Becky Phillips, stained glass jewelery from A Different View and holiday wreaths,mittens and more. Event Dec 2 From The Womb by Anita Nortier $10.00 art opening or stop by on open studio time and make your own art to give as a gift.Or take a class to make an item as a gift.

Hungerford  Urban artists have many events going on Dec junction with first friday

Stop by the RNEST event which runs the duration of the month
Craftmas: Etsy Style! First Friday Holiday Craft Sale
Friday, December 2 at 5:00pm
find jewelry, hand made knits, stuffed animals by KiraArts, felted creatures by Casey from Peaches Products,hand carved rubber stamps by Jackbear stamps, quilted good  from the Quilted House and more..
or go see Heather Erwin and buy an original painting, or go see Cody Kroll and buy some ceramics or go see many other talented ceramicists including Tara Hagen  within the building including Shelly Stoler,Go to Gocks Frocks for handmade clothing(especially for kids)You can also stop by Grassroots Gallery for all types of items for under 100.00 including scrabble tile jewlery by Kristen Cavanaugh.

BUY FROM ETSY! ( yeah that includes me of course,
if you are local I  may be able to  hand deliver and waive the shipping!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stella Art Gallery

 So I got a knock down drag out leave you on your couch miss two days of work type of cold/sinus infection last week. So I  was a little behind on my blog..  I try to post at least one time a week...

I wanted to share some news about a good friend of mines gallery space  that just opened. My good friend Kat who  I have blogged about before just opened a  art gallery. art studio space in the store front space right next to her sign shop Instant Sign Center in East  Rochester.
The first Friday of the month in Rochester is a large event for art gallery's here in Rochester and Kat took part with her new space. My good friend Becky Phillips who is a talented young photographer currently studying photo journalism at Rochester Institute of Technology who the headlining artist for this first show.

Stella art will be offering weekly classes for children and adults, as well as studio time for people to drop in and work. They will also be having several shows coming up with a call for artists!  There is a webpage with all pertinent information and below is a link for the facebook page

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day of the Dead

 I have been talking with students in My Saturday classes at the the art gallery, my projects at Dazzle and in my after school program about the Mexican holiday of "Dead of the Dead" The emphasis in this holiday is that the dead are to be remembered as they were living and images of skeletons are shown as bright and cheerful not creepy and scary as we are used to seeing them at Halloween.

I had a great coloring sheet from a sub job. I copied the outline of it and created  a blank white paper skull image for students to decorate and create their own skull decorative patterns on. 

I made sugar skulls which was my first effort at them and I realized that the mixture of confectioners sugar to water can be difficult. I also realized that there is more then one recipe and some recipe use granulated sugar and meringue and other use only confectioners sugar and water.

The ones below i made with an ice cube tray..

I hand molded some and used an ice cube skull molded tray for others.

we looked at images from a calender I have that shows paper mache sculptures of day of the dead figures from an show at an art museum in Houston. I have a xerox copy kit that you cut out and assemble pieces for your own Day of the Dead altar" some of the students made this kit.

We tried our hand at paper cutting which is hard for early elementary students unless they do a snow flake cut. and looked at books that show Mexican folk art Crafts.