Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Chiense New Year Have a great Year of The Dragon!

I love learning about this holiday with students...This year is the year of the dragon which makes it even better.

Chinese new year is a lunar holiday and is one week long this year it is Jan 20-27th.

I gave my  after school care students a packet on coloring sheets that I have compiled over the years on the topic of Chinese New Year and of dragons. We have also completed several projects about the theme.

Students made paper fortune cookies.. with circles of paper that we pinched and folded and adhered with a little bite of glue.

 We also created a drawing of paper lanterns lite up at night . I borrowed this idea from a blog I follow called
 Art Projects For Kids written by another art teacher. For her variation of this project she used oil pastels since we do not have those avialble at the after school program we used crayons and copy paper.


We also created red money envelopes that are used for Chinese New Year called om Pei. I gave the students xerox copies of Chinese coins to cut and put in to envelopes. Students started with a template for second grade students a gave them the option to either trace the template onto red construction paper  or use the xerox copy template I gave them directly. I also gave the students copies of  terms in Chinese calligraphy to let them  copy or cut an paste onto their envelopes.


step one draw picture on envelope front

step two flap under large flap then fold side flaps adhere with a glue stick

Other projects include a large collaborative parade dragon. I made this first in 2006 when I was a preschool teacher at a daycare studying this them with my students. I used a brown paper bag for the head of the dragon and used old manilla folders, a Styrofoam ball and tape for the nose and the mouth. Each year students add to the dragon gluing on extra scales and adding glitter, string of other shiny embellishments. Then on the Friday we will parade  it around the schools hallways.



We also used two xerox copy templates to make our own parade puppets and dragon masks. The Crayola webpage has an excellent template that you can print and make copies of.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Etsy treasury More "Happy Hearts"

 This is only the second time I ever made an etsy treasury. I am looking at valentine's day and wedding themes items as this them really is big in my brain for some reason this year.. I have so many ideas.. so many projects floating in there... I am also looking for items to make or give to friends and family for their upcoming weddings.

More "Happy Hearts"

My "Tribaltrends" etsy shop reviewed on women preneurers. and giveaway!

This hair clip is a giveaway go to the link above and find out how to enter

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's day it coming

 So I have been working on some new valentines day merchandise.

I have been decorating around my house... with Valentines day themed items. I admit in the past I called it "Hallmark holiday" I still think it exists largely as a commerical plea but if we make and give handmade items for valentines day this year then love wins and not companies who make in mass. C'mon,Who does not like the pleasing pallettes of pinks, reds, lace and hearts?

wooden valetnine
 So this Valentine's day don't give your money to Hallmark give it to me and know that your gift was made by hand with love by a person whose name is Susan!

I have been working on  seriesof wooden valentines. these are flat wooden shapes with mixed media art work on them and ribbon or cord to hang them.

I have also been working on a series of hanging paper heart decorations made with misprinted repurposed papers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos from SoulSELFSpirit

 So last Friday  was the opening of the show at Stella art gallery and studio. This is a group a show which had a open call to artists in the Rochester area.This show currently features work by Adrien Stiles, Dennis Furioso,
Kat( Lanza) Baldwin,Myself (Susan Link) and Krystal Petito.
                                                        artwork by Krystal Petito
Artwork by Adrien Stiles and Katusica Lanza Baldwin
Wool needle felted wall hanging by me, Susan Link
Artwork by Susan Link(left, center)Kat Lanza Baldwin right center and Krystal Petitio
Kathy's Copenhagen's sock monsters available at the gallery's gift counter

Friday, January 6, 2012

Artists trading cards with kids

As you know I am a teacher and am undeniably an artist. I got turned onto Artists trading cards by watching and reading other peoples blogs, Especially by Reading Michelle Cummings Faerie Dust Dreams.I just started making them and feel in love. They are just the  right size that I can carry around a blank stack of them and a little pocket of pens and make them in between classes while subbing, when trying to use up scraps of shiny left over paper from scrap booking. During the winter school break I taught a a kids class on making artist's trading cards at my friend Kat's gallery and studio space called  Stella Art Studio in East Rochester.I like following the ATC/ACEO trends to etsy and sharing these finds with my students. I was also fortunate enough to get some ACEO's from John of Jackbear stamps to share with the kids.

                                                                      The supply table

Assortment  of Two students cards

So for this kids classes with four students we started with one material and added other materials to it, we started with  colored pencils talking about shading blending and using varied pressure to create values we then used a shaped hole punch.  Then I  showed them how  to use watercolor pencils and then use whatever  supplies they wanted to make more cards.Most kids went home with around 11 cards in a 2 hour class.