Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making paper beads a brief tutorial.

 These are a great project to do with kids and  they can be made smaller and more detailed for adult hands.

You will need: Scissors, glue old magazines ok to cut up, or other colorful paper, straws or toothpicks to wrap paper around, Elmers or other white bottled glue, Modge Podge or gloss medium varnish String to string beads when finished and other beads to combine them with.

Step 1 Cut a paper triangle from a magazine page or fold in half once vertical and cut two at a time. You can get four to six triangles from one page.

Step 2 Hold your straw or toothpick with one hand the paper triangle in the other. Put a small line of glue above the straw and roll the paper around it  starting form the wide base end wrapping more narrow end around it.roll until glue is a wrapped up the add more glue.Continue wrapping until all of paper as wrapped. You may need one more small drop of white glue at the tip of the paper to secure the end in place.

Step 3 allow to dry. So that beads are upright so as not to stick to anything. If you are doing this with a group of kids be sure to label the straw or toothpicks with a flag of tape and a sharpie fine point marker.

Step 4 When beads have dried ad glitter or paper confetti if you like and coat with Mod Podge to protect the paper bead and give it some shine.

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