Monday, November 25, 2013

Tons more turkeys

Yes, still more installments of turkey crafting madness. We are planning a Thanksgiving party for my after school program so I have made a "Pin the Gobble on the Turkey Game". I drew the turkey with markers on plain old copy paper. I then folded a sheet of red construction paper multiple times to get a multiple cut shape to make 40 "gobbles" for the game.
Another project that was recommend for my after school program is the potato turkey,you can also use a pine cone. Here I used a crumpled  piece of constrctuion paper as getting 40 potatoes or pinecones can be pricy and time consuming.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tons of Turkeys

With Thanksgiving right around the corner. The elementary school age teachers of America unite on the craft frontier to make, turkeys. Lots, and lots, of craft project turkeys. So here are three of the turkey projects I have been working on.  One is the turkey wreath. This is made with paper plates, construction paper and glue. I found it a little advanced for the kindergarten kids in my after school program but they could do it with some one on one assistance.

The second one that is lots of fun is the paper cup turkey, which is good for all age groups. You will need: paper bathroom cups, brown paint (tempera or acrylic),
 google eyes, construction paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls or craft pompoms and construction paper in brown and yellow. If you are doing this with a group I highly recommend precutting the construction paper pieces.

Monday, November 18, 2013

More then a coloring book

 I came across this Fall leaves coloring book in the check out line at the grocery store the other day I was draw to it like a moth to a flame. Like any other good teacher trying to get the most for their money I of course made xerox copies of the pages for the kids to color on. I have used it for my after school program and recently as a pen and ink study and a collage mixed media material for the charter school I teach at.This is book would also be great for science lessons and for learning plant identification.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beaded medaillion hair clips

 I make these hair clips. Their are for tribal belly dance costuming but could be worn for other occasions too.
 these clips are for sale on my tribal trends etsy shop. I can also custom make them according to color preference too.

I am also selling them in the Rochester NY area at a local shop called Now and Zen.

Pen and ink leaf drawings

I'm using my day off today to prep a lesson for the charter school I will be teaching at this Friday. Students will be using India Ink and a quill (feather) to draw with the ink. I use a disposable container to put the ink, since it stains. I also put down newsprint on my work surface. Students will start with pen and ink techniques making a value strip that practices the techniques going to dark.

Then using pressed natural leaves students will draw a contour outline of the leaf and use the pen and ink techniques to draw the leaf. 

Mixed media collage

I have been teaching some lessons at a small charter school. Our lessons thus far have focused on shading and using light to dark colors with smooth transitions. These collages use construction paper and scrap vinyl sign adhesive.We used oil pastels and  focused on blending.
We also discussed organic shape, geometric shape and pattern.