Friday, August 12, 2011

Two shows this weekend!

Come see me at one or two events this weekend I will be selling my jewelry at "Bread and Water Theater" tomorrow on Monroe ave for their Arts and Music fest 2-8.Then on Sunday I will be at the Vertex Swap Meet and Bazaar! 4-10 pm.
Bread and water Theatre Art and Music fest!/event.php?eid=250685344951045
Vertex Swap Meet and Bazaar!/event.php?eid=213366295380057!/event.php?eid=213366295380057 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beutiful Beads

 I have shifted my crafting gears a little. I go through phases with things. I never stop working with any one item I just like tit better at some times then other. I still sell my polymer clay items and make hair sticks. recently though I have gotten very into sewing beads onto felt for tribal style belly dance costuming. I have also used embroidery with many of these. I tote these along through out my travels  it is so calming to just sit and sew the beads on.Here are some of my recent creations...

These piece has been finished and pink and white feathers added with a pin felt backing and been made into a hair clip.see it here.

this one is pretty large  its about 3 in by 3 in with a 1 inch mirror in the middle. I am making a second one and have made some yellow tassels to put on a belt.

The above two images are ones from a belt i made two years ago and reworked. The mirrors in back and trim took a few weeks. The two new medallions in front with the conch shells took a few weeks all well.I used a combination of handmade and store bought curtain tassels on the back

This is a mirror bead and embroidery mix medallion