Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zine and Craft fair reflections

 So since fall 2010 I have been talking with Caitlin Holcombe and Ted Forsyth from the Flying Squirrel about doing the Fair again this year. We have emailed,,and emailed. We meet on Sundays discussing the event and following our creative tangents....We will hopefully do this again very soon. For a small indie craft show and four or five of us volunteering the little spare time we had I think we pulled off a pretty good show! We had artist venders, workshops and readings even face painters and food.

So here are some of the fliers we doctored up for the event.We had a coloring party were we colored them in. We took Dan's  loveable little yarn monster in many directions for this event.The yarn monster become Flava Flav, Harry Potter, A jester,  candidate for mayor. He really developed his own person.


Here are some pictures of the yarn monster puppet getting some love.That's Dan he had no idea what he started when he drew that little guy(he is also wearing a yarn monster button that KT made for the event.

Here Marylew and Ian snuggle the little baby yarn monster.

 I made many wonderful new artist acquaintances.Several were up for trading art items for art items so although my sales were not overwhelming I made new connections with people and got to bring home some awesome art...

I was stationed upstairs at my Sculptresslink table and did a quick workshop on ATC's so there are many more awesome artists downstairs that I did not get to see too much of.
So now let me share with you just a few of the new artist acquaintances I made:

This is the JBird designs tables:She makes jewelry and very cool quilted patches with skulls, birds and bold abstract patterns.

I also spoke with Marylew and dug these little wands and rattles she makes. I love the crow magnets and I am so happy to have one on my cluttered fridge. 

Here is the the lovely Nancy Toploski of Second Seed designs. Nancy was sitting next to the table for The Warehouse Arts.

The Warehousearts is a group of artists curently raising funds to purchase a warehouse space to by used as a collective artists work space,gallery space and, retail space to sell members artwork. We will teach classes for children and adults in a variety of media. It will be a space for musicians writers, artists and musicians to come together. We also hope to have shared facilities for glass,ceramics drawing and painting. As a member of  Warehouse arts I would like to thank everyone who purchased items to help us raise our goal please come back and support us at your Silent Auction on April 1, 2010 from 4-10.Here are Dan and Alysssa from Warehouse arts.
  But wait I am not done yet  more pictures and more images of wonderful artists and there work can be seen here on the zine and craft fair Wordpress blog.I will also post them on my facebook.

A shout out goes to Fawn Brokaw of Fawn Ray designs, Jay Rubin of Schmutzine, Will Carroll of Rochester Teen Set Outsider,Emily Good, Tanvi Asher of Excessory ( I still want some of those bangles), Kira Sinclair of KiraArts, Dan Varenka of EAT and HEY BUDDY!,Robert Frank,Erin Bullock of Mud Creek Farm, Luke Stodola of Small World Bakery,Sara Wick,Trina Quinn,Dave Gunn/Discomfort,T.G Chernesky,Ryan Clover/Silent City Distro,Heidi Brown of Heidala's, Awkwardcore Records, John Gormly and Kaitlyn Terry of Black Olive.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter sessions classes at the Art Gallery

It recently dawned on my that with all my busyness of projects that I have been behind on posting and updating the may wonderful projects I have been involved with or have had students do recently. This next Saturday wraps up my Saturday sessions for winter at the art gallery. I have done the this tube sculpture projects several times before but have often varied the materials students use for the sculpture ribbons coming out from the tube.
This time we had several strips of construction paper left over from another classes project so I decided to use. those.In the past student have used wire with beads, printed transparency sheets with colored patterns printed on them, craft foam sheets cut with Fiskars crazy edge scissors.

The student use paper towel tubes and cover them with a sheet of  construction paper.We leave about 1 inch or more on the bottom of the tube uncovered and cut slots into the tube.Those slots get folded open and glue is applied to those sticking them to the precut square or rectangular piece of cardboard.

Students then draw patterns on the strips and may fold them. The decide how to arrange them for visual interest using contrasting colors and patterns then glue them to the top and inside the tube as well as the the sides of the tube. I always tell students when using Elmer's glue to count to ten and hols the appear down . Other wise they always come back tome and say "It won't Stick"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Steam Punk Swap through Faerie Dust Dreams

I am part of a steam punk swap hosted by Michelle of Faerie Dust dreams.Each Tuesaday this month Michelle is posting a steam punk themed tutuial.Here is the first one using stamps.
http://faeriedustdreams-michelle.blogspot.com/2011/03/tuesday-tutorial-steampunk-fun.html She has also used two of my artist trading cards for her blog post and recent giveaway on Trading cards and featured my etsy shop on her blog.To see the link on my ATC's go here. To see the link on my shop go here.

I have been working on my steam punk items some are shown here. I found rusty metal walking the dog in the woods this last fall and knew it would come in handy . I cut them down from there original from sanded and filed them, I coated the metal in polyurethane so the rust would not rub off on clothing. I got some lock washers and beads, pieces of burned wood left from my hair sticks,broken electronic parts and such and super glued them on. I have made, pendents button covers, cuff link(pictured) and  post earrings

Mardi Gras

 So I was looking for a theme for my before and  after school program kids for this week . At first I thought St. Patrick's days but then I look at my calender again and  realized. Mardi Gras comes first! So all this week I gave the kids printed Mardi Gras themed coloring sheets and puzzles. We made  party hats from construction paper. I found some suggestions on making Mardi Gras "Floats" from  cardboard boxes and covered them with construction paper. We used up my old party streamers, pom-poms and confetti to decorate.I sent out a notes to parents today that children can bring in stuffed animals on Monday to ride on the floats. We made construction paper masks yesterday and the kids will wear them while we "parade" around the school.