Thursday, September 30, 2010

Texture Rubbings

All you need for a texture rubbing is a textured object , some copy paper and, some crayons.We used the fishnet style wrappers from large Asian pears the other day.We combined those with clay texture plates.
Just put the texture plate under the copy paper then rub with a crayon.It helps to have one handhold the plate in place while the other uses the crayon for the rubbing. When you have finished the rubbing you can add watercolor washes in between.
Pictures are on my phone I will upload them later.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween hair sticks!

Check out my hair sticks!great for the girl who throws her hair in a bun. Teachers usually use pencils. Save the pencil for writing. Keep this in your desk to hold your bun up instead.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seemed like a bad idea but turned out well

Yesterday there was a bike ride sponsored by ROCO to tour graffitti art.Ed my boyfriend was of course all other this.I really wanted to check it out. There was alot of sites listed on there that I had been hearing about forever but have either never got to go see or its been so long I am sure they had changed by now.There was a light drizzling rain when we started out. I have been wearing a wrist brace for carpal tunnel related pain and my bike brakes are not so good. This sounded like a recipe for disaster. I whined to my boyfriend "Why can't we just be like normal couples who snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie when in rains. "It wasn't a disaster, it was great.This, typing hurts my wrist not biking. The weather was nice it stopped raining. My pants dried, it was not to hot of too cold.We saw things I other wise never would have seen because my live does not take me to those places.

Shameless self promotion

So if you are a Facebook friend of mine you already know I will tell you all when I have new things online, have an art show or have an art teaching event I would like you to attend.
This year I was part of the Artists row event at the Public Market and took things up a notch. I finally bought that pop up tent I have been meaning to get for years. I had my friend at Instant Signcenter make me some signs to hang on my tent. I had Print Vista make me a car magnet and I used iron on transfers at home to make a t-shirt and hoodie(its crumpled on top of the car) for myself and Ed. That is the logo we desinged for mt Etsy shop from one of my oil paintings from the Tarot series.

Halloween line of jewelry and accesories.

Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday.I hit up the Halloween stores in force (usually to get thing to wear other times of the year). I say that Halloween is like my Christmas. I also love doing things with students on this day and to pull out all my costumes accessories. I am creating a Halloween section to my Etsy shop. Here are some images. to purchase go to Also look there for hair falls clips and other items to complete your Halloween costume

Friday, September 10, 2010

Come make artists trading cards with me!

Tomorrow 10:30- 1:30 I will be leading an activity at the Memorial Art Gallery during the Clothesline art festival. We will be making artists trading cards in the Creative Workshop! Great place for kids to hang while adults go shop during the festival. Or hang with and make your own mini artwork to trade and share!

New food jewelry on My Etsy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visit me at Artists Row

I will be in space A74 where the the second large covering bends.Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

I have seen all these other artist making Artist TradingCards and postcards and have been wanting to try it out. The collborative ones I had made before were a bit larger then these new ones. The new cards are the standard 2 and1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches that a deck of playing cards are.

I have began carrying around a little notebook with a pocket.I put all the precut cards in the notebook and carry around my own kit of markers ,watercolor colored pencils etc. I was at a comic book shop and founf the plastic trading card sleeves that protect your game cards. I have been putting in my newly created Artist trading card artworks in them.

I have really enjoyed making these. I am often on the go and have little time dedicated to working in my studio and making art. I can finish an artist trading cards while on the go,in between tasks or just as easily begin one then take it with me to finish later. I also found the size and media freeing. I am not so afraid to make a mistake like I am when I paint with oils on Canvas.
To buy any of the cards pictured her go to