Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall semester classes at the museum

I teach Saturdays children's classes at the museum. The students range in age from 7-10 ,so they are 1-5 grade. This fall I was teaching "Drawing and Painting with the galleries" Which enhanced the use of an artwork within the gallery's collection each week along with artwork students create based around a work of art each week.

We completed collages based on Juane Quick to See smiths work.
to see the image of the panting we looked at follow the above link

The example above is by Zoe.
we focused on layering images and collaging then used gloss medium varnish along with acrylic paints to layer and adhere the images.For subject matter we discussed that the images and the stytle of clothing shown in the painting represent a native american women. I encouraged students to find and collage images that represented themselves.

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