Monday, November 29, 2010

Grape Vine Wreaths

I was out walking the dog the other day on the Genesee River trail near our apartment. They have cleaned up and done a brushcut. This means easier shopping for art supplies for me. There is this wild bamboo that grows near us. I have used it for curtain rods in the past when dried out. I was looking for some new ones.

The grape vines had just been cut so there were still pretty pliable.  I started to twist then into a circle to make a wreath. I made two and then went through things at home for embellishment.

The landlord told me they just cut down several on one of their other properties. (He saw me walking home with a bundle.)

I have made around 10 so far and am really enjoying the process.

The only problem that I am finding is that after awhile they get dry and brittle and will not bend anymore.  I talked to a florist friend that suggested soaking them in warm water. I tried it yesterday let see it this works....Speaking of my florist friend she had hooked  me up with some left overs from a trade show awhile back and with this project I got to use them.

 I have a bunch more vines on the porch and i have been going through my stuff and hitting up the dollar store for decorating supplies.(love the dollar store)

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