Friday, February 11, 2011

My Art filled weekend- waht I did Superbowl weekend

Their are times in my life that life is really good and times that I find my life very frustrating. I found myself last weekend to be very inspired on Sunday when I drove home from The Hearts and Crafts show at Java's on Gibbs Street. I had just meet some very inspiring artists making awesome creations. I meet three girls taking photos who asked me to jump in and have one taken. The photos were inspired by the paper mustaches on sticks that artists from littlegreenbird were handing out for free. They were really fun and people were all walking around with them. The more people walked around with them the more other people wanted to know from where they were coming.  It was a great idea.

I spoke with several artist at that event. I meet the owners and creators of Evenandoddcreative. They make cuff bracelets and messenger style bags from old sheets of sign vinyl and  bike inner tubes. I talked with them for awhile about the unique materials they use and the complications of those trying to sew though bike inner tubes and sign vinyl.

I spoke with Lauren Premo who makes enchanting hand thrown mugs and beaded jewelry. She told me a little bit about the resist method she uses when glazing her pieces.She also told about the joy of her new married life.Congrats! Lauren!

I also spoke with fellow RNEST artists" Fawn Brokaw of FawnRayDesigns (wonderful mixed media using natural objects), Kira Sinclair the maker of "Nubbins", and other textile creations and BuenHelena who makes art and finds inspiration in vintage items.

Spoke with many many other talented artists and could not possibly list them all in detail within the limited window of time I have to dedicate to this blog entry. Besides, I am going through my weekend backwards here and this is only Sunday afternoon but a shout out goes to Robert Frank, Alexander BOG, Amy Rau, and Sarah Ortiz.

On Saturday night I performed in a Hafla (belly dance party) put on by the student performance troupe "Rashas Rhinestones" along with other dance sisters at Goddess Hour.

This is me as part of the newly named "Tribal Goddess Collective." We  performed to the song "Minnie the Moocher"

All the performers did a great job!
Just before the meeting literally just before (I had to go in costume). I went to the second meeting for the Warehouse co-op, which is a group of artists trying to create a  artist collective space.

Before that I raced home form work walked my dog, scarfed down some food, and got all gussied up for the performance.

Before that I was working my usual Saturday shift at the art gallery and had a real blast with the kids that day. They had me laughing as we all drew, toured the gallery and told each other stories...We were creating drawings of art galleries and I decided to make your drawing a gallery on art all dedicated to mustaches.

On Friday I came home from  after school care work heated up that frozen food I made the week before in my Crockpot ate that up then Ed and  I went to Anderson Alley art studios near Village Gate. We talked with many talented artists there too. The "Thaw" Rochester theme was in effect. The artist there had created ice sculptures ice art outside their studios in the hallway space the most impressive ice sculpture I saw was outside of Nosferatu art studio.It was large blocks of ice with objects inside them with lighting and their was dry ice underneath to create fog.

I  talked with, old friend,  glass and ceramic artist Nancy Valle about her process and how her jewelry items are like "mini sculpture" to her.  I picked out an item from her dollar bin to make a necklace. I also talke to many other artists and found them all talented and intriguing.

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