Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter projects

 Back when I was making Grape vines wreaths in late fall. I bent one into form and it looked like an Egg. So I have been saving that one for Easter/Spring. I Rochester Spring comes late and snow storms are still present though much of MARCH So I do not feel to bad about not getting to this sooner.

I found these little plastic eggs 24 in a bag at the Mr.Dollar and got a few bags.The kids on Friday got to have Easter egg hunts and then we painted the plastic eggs with acrylic paints. Instead of Easter basket we made Easter cups. We decorated paper cups with stickers and kids wrote their name on them with  Sharpie markers put wood shaved "grass" in the bottom of the cups. I did not get pictures of those yet but will later.

I also found this great tree form at Target for only 2.50. I figured it could have a lot of uses and it has so far like an earring display holder/jewelry holder but it also makes a great Easter egg tree.

The funny thing is I really do not even celebrate Easter abut I do celebrate the coming of spring  and these bright little eggies really inspired me.... I also LOVE jelly beans

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