Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clay Goddess Manifestation vessals

These are the clay Goddess Manifestation Vessals I have been making. They are small and hang on the wall with the tummy pockets being a place to put what you would like to manifest or have in your life. I started making these in 1997 after an inspiring trip to England. I thought now in 2012 it was a good time to get back into them again. I have never stopped working with the image of the Great Goddess but the Faith in Art show was a great time to display some of this work. I even made a incense burner
This last photo is of me along with the current work on display at Stella Art studios. You may recognize the paintings from my "Tarot" Series that were recently on display at the Genesee Co-op Credit Union.To the left of me is the "Goddess Calendar" I made in 2007 from Mexican Pottery Clay.

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