Sunday, June 10, 2012

More sandwhihces and ATC's-last batch of sat classes for 2012

I just completed me most recent session of sat classes at the art gallery. Kids picked their favorite works of the first few we made and hung them in the show.Here's their work on display.

The gallery has some pieces by Claes Oldenburg that we got to look at after we made our sandwiches.We used craft foam and paper to make these sandwiches.

We also looked at examples from my collection of ATC and ACEO and then kids created their own using crayons watercolors and the resist method.

We did so much more then this but I did not get pictures of all the other work we did. We made collages, artist's books with their own prints,gumball machine mixed media pieces, polymer clay,and so much more in our 8 week session.

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