Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Raven masks

These raven masks are made from construction paper. I usually read students the book "The Raven" by Gerald McDermott before we read the book.
. The mask is of folded red construction paper and I usually fold the paper in half width wise and from the fold measure in about one inch then cut a one inch slot while the paper is folded for the eye. for the beak I fold a piece of black paper in half length wise and cut a curved edge on one side while paper in still folded glue stick that side together. On the opposite side that connects to the face paper cut the center fold and fold two tabs about 1/2 inch in width line up the center folds on the two pieces of paper open the black piece into a triangular shape and glue stick onto the back ground. Hole punch with a single hole punch the side just below the eyes. Tie yarn into the hole punches in order to tie mask around face. Kids love it!

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