Friday, March 22, 2013

Kandisky concentric circles

 This is a  very well know painting. Many, many art teachers have used this as a lesson plan base.

This was a two day sub assignment.I created variations on it to make the project more or less challenging depending on the age group.Students also got to choose their level of challenge.

Kindergarten students used took rectangluar drawing paperand we folded it together as a class step by step so that the paper had 4 sections. Then students drew one large circle and two smaller circles inside it. It will look at little like four small a targets. Students used a pencil to draw the circles first, then a sharpie then the last step was to color in with artstix the background and within the rings of the circle.

 For older grade students(2nd) we folded the paper into 8 sections and used watercolor paints for older classes.All classes got to choose their challenge level with the choice of how many rings to add to each circle pattern.


willowday said...

Thank you so much for finding me and taking the time to comment. I love what I found when I come here! Wishing you a creative weekend!

Susan Link said...

Thanks I am glad that I found you too. I made some Patski's on Friday but they were not at all the same as yours.

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