Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bitten by the rubber band bug

So working with kids I have seen an awful lot of the stretchy rubber band bracelets. I myself became intrigued by this new fashion phenomenon. I had also recently decided I wanted to learn crochet so I already had purchased some various sizes of crochet hooks. So I got some little elastic hair bands and experimented with those first. Then I learned from my mom how to use the band on a four peg spool knitter.

I used YouTube tutorials for making a dragon scale bracelet on a fork. Then I caved in,I bought myself a loom for the more advanced bracelets.

I have totally been bitten by the rubber band "bug". I love it ! Until recently I have been making the bracelets for the kids I work with in the after school program.I have been  giving them bracelets as incentive. we have also been making them as projects once a week. I have just started to post rubber band related items to my etsy shops.  I combined my love of making tassels with them and made some earrings for my tribal trends shop.  
This weekend I also learned three new variations on the "triple single" rainbow loom bracelet. I will begin posting some of my bracelets and the new charms I made with polymer clay for the bracelets on my sculptresslink etsy shop today.

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