Sunday, October 12, 2014

Taking a turn

So after my several years teaching multiple art teaching jobs I have had to do some real soul searching. I have struggled financially. My schools loans I can not repay they have been put in foreclosure. I have had to depend on family for support to cover healthcare and just took the first vacation in over five years and I am still paying off the debt on my credit card for that.  I still hope to find an ideal full time art teacher position. In the meantime something has got to give.
 I dropped a few jobs and continuing subbing, I got unemployment and looked for other work. Tomorrow  I begin a new position as a RH at a state run facility caring for adults with disabilities. I was told that "The ladies love crafts."  So I guess in some ways I am putting my art education background to work.

I have fought the good fight as long as I can. I still hope to teach part time art classes as I do love teaching art.. Being an art teacher was truly always what I wanted to be when "Grew up." I continue to make art and I have been painting a lot and working on new hair pieces for my second etsy shop tribaltrends. I will post more cool art projects as they happen...

I am continuing to dance and taking time for spiritual workshops and wish me luck.

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Carol Hoffmann said...

Susan, I nominated you for this artist chain today (Jan 29, 2015) Hope you accept. Find me on FB at It was fun doing the swap with you a few years ago!!

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