Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oldie but Goodie

I was called in for a last minute sub job. The teacher calls and says. "They have been drawing a lot.They are bored with it, I don't want them using clay today....."I mention. I have drawing challenge cards, with items on them like draw a neighbors shoe. This brings me back to projects I did in middle school.

1. Using pencil,Draw a shoe outline first use contour and draw only the outside, use pencil
then move to details.
2.Next outline in fine point sharpie.Erase remaining pencil
3.Then add pen and ink techniques.
4.Fill in areas with watercolor. One color per section.

Things I found helpful to demonstrate to students.
Simple contour outline beginning. to count number of details that fit into the space they are drawing. ie:grommets, holes for lacing.

How much water to have on your paint brush and how much is too much.Explaining that without the correct amount of water the paint is hard to control.

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