Friday, February 12, 2010

Finding your niche

So I went to three art openings last Friday.

I went to ROCO to see the paintings by my old college professor Julie Williams and I talked to some other artists there. I have been told before when people have gone with me to shows from other MCC professors works that their influence is evident in my work. I was thinking of that when I walked around looking at the Makers and Mentors show.

I also went to the Four walls studio for their new show. Then over to Hungerford to check out Sweat Meat which I had heard so much about. See the link hear to see some for yourself.

I also checked out the new co op gallery space there.

I went home with this estranged feeling. I was inspired by everything I had seen but felt like I had no sense of belonging. I wanted a group of other artists to create with and a more dedicated space to create in......
I have a studio space at home... but I was left longing for collaboration.......and with questions. Questions like: What makes a work of art finished, what makes a good mixed media artwork versus a bad? When do we decide that a work is finished.... ?I was also torn with materials and genre questions I use a combination of mixed media,found objects, installation work, performance work,and some more traditional mediums. I feel like the topics and subjects that I address either use alternative materials and non serious materials to address serious topics
( much as women's issues and body images with Barbies) or they are traditional mediums but i am dealing with a non traditional and obscure topic(tarot cards).So I was left with this "Where do I fit in kinda feeling?"

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and picked up a copy of Artful Blogging by summer set studios... I was inspired by what I had read and wanted to rush right home and blog, or work on my etsy account... But my computer is broken....So I worked on some projects.. I realized though through reading that magazine and through the art openings that i need to start viewing my blogging and art work differently.That I need to document process as well as product and that I need to not just post but comment on other peoples pages.. I used to write in all these journals and now with a Facebook, Myspace, artists page and blogging I do not do it as much. I still keep a sketch book and write in it.I decided i need to use the internet more like i used to osed my journals.I need to use the blog and document process and thoughts not only product.

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