Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It has been awhile

I have been behind on my blogging, and my ETSY. Our internet is down at home by the time I come home from work I am too tired to get up and get on my bike to go to a computer lab at
U of R. I have been checking my emails during my lunch break which ends very soon. I Have been working full time at the art gallery. I just finished teaching a week of camp where we created our own art show and opened it up for friends, family and gallery staff to come see.

The mural is still rolling along and We should have an unveiling event in the last weekend of August. From 4-7 on Sundays.
We our currently painting on Sundays from 4-7 and all our still welcome to come partcipate. At this point in time the work at the bottom of the mural is mostly finished so the work at this time would be scaffolding work and I would like to limit this to adults.

The local children artists that came and worked on the project were a huge help and so much fun to work with. I have enjoyed thier company.

I will update with pictures once I get a chance to upload and thumbdrive pictures.


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Susan Link said...

I work at several locations teaching art. I hope to find a full time art teaching job but am also available to for part time or temporary teaching artists or college adjunct positions. I use the blog to reflect on things I have done as an art educator and artist.

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