Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magic paper

Scratch art paper at some points in our lives as young artist many of us were exposed to this "Magic phenomenon". It can be costly and I've tried to make my own before. But you never get the some pure clean line that you do with the prefab stuff. I've tried crayon with oil pastel over it before. The color smudge.I think you can use crayon and India ink too.

Anyways, what amuses me with this stuff is not just that it is nice to work with it is children's reaction to it.They "oh and ah". This also can not always understand that the color is in the paper not the stick. They also have a hard time understanding that the paper is whatever color is underneath the black. You either get a whole sheet of one color, or mixed color if the paper is made that way.At the dollar store the other day I saw silver glitter scratch art. I have to admit it was tempting but I passed on it.

So I was working on some scratch art paper the other day while working with a group of kids. It was their last day and they had a choice of free time activities. most were all working on something of their own but when they saw the scratch art had to try it.From then I realized after many of the students began working with it that the sticks that were left for them to work with the majority of them were too dull to remove the top layer. I thought to myself "I wonder if Bamboo shish kabob skewers would work. The short wooden pointed sticks I they had looked like a sawed down skewer. I knew the calligraphy pens would work but was afraid they may ruin the pen points. The scratch art kits I have actually came with a plastic tool with a metal point for scratching with. But what an expense to buy them in bulk.

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