Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seemed like a bad idea but turned out well

Yesterday there was a bike ride sponsored by ROCO to tour graffitti art.Ed my boyfriend was of course all other this.I really wanted to check it out. There was alot of sites listed on there that I had been hearing about forever but have either never got to go see or its been so long I am sure they had changed by now.There was a light drizzling rain when we started out. I have been wearing a wrist brace for carpal tunnel related pain and my bike brakes are not so good. This sounded like a recipe for disaster. I whined to my boyfriend "Why can't we just be like normal couples who snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie when in rains. "It wasn't a disaster, it was great.This, typing hurts my wrist not biking. The weather was nice it stopped raining. My pants dried, it was not to hot of too cold.We saw things I other wise never would have seen because my live does not take me to those places.

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