Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 I am actually very surprised that I have not yet written a blog about my dog. Smokey is my Humane Society rescue dog. I love her a lot. When I lived alone in Arizona I wanted a hiking buddy.I kept having these dog find me everywhere too. I figured it was sign. I found an apartment that allowed a dog first then checked out the Humane society of southern Arizona page. I have had smokey ever since. She has been a loyal companion and seen me through very many hard times.  Having a dog  has made many things in my life change.

Smokey and I have been to Arizona, Utah, Arkansas and many road trips states in between together.
She has been a trusted photography model. A reason to get out of bed, a reason to walk more and great friend and good conversation piece.

Smokey was 8 years old when I brought her home (we think) she is now about 13.Her eyes don't work as well as they used to but she sure can still hike. We hiked her on Friday, Sat and Sunday over the holiday weekend.We went to three different parks.

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