Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures and lasting inspiration from Octobers First Friday

So, this last Friday was First Friday meaning that the Rochester area galleries had art show openings. We went to ROCO then meandered over to SPOT. At Spot we looked at teh photos.We realized we know alot of the models in the pictures.  while in Spot we saw this flier for a dance performance over at the Hungerford. So we hoped over there just in time to see the beginning of the performance.

Then we stopped by and checked out the Suzi- Zefting Kuhn  Co-op gallery.They were wrapping up. Beutiful portraits as always.
So we went over to see what was going on in the Design Gallery at RRCDC. Then we realized hey "That's are neighbor's car in the at photo". In many pictures were photos of neighbors.Many of our neighbors were also in attendance at the show.Ed realized" Hey I was there when that picture was taken" Basically we knew a lot of people in the photos.congratulations to Christin Boggs for making dirt look so pretty and on finishing you thesis.

So we were walking out through the building and i stopped to read the fliers and gallery cards in the stairwells and i saw one witha fun and quirky cartoon that said So i came home and checked it out.

So I wanted to get involved.So here is my submission

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