Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday gift tag making!

Tag making in my family was a recycled expedition. The old holiday cards that had been received the years previous were cut into little squares and used a gift tags. I always liked this idea!

So this year I came up with a few different tag making ideas and ran them with kids!

 With the morning program I had some small strips of white copy paper and several  large chunky foam holiday stamps so kids just stamped designs on.

At the art Gallery we had a drop in art activity on making gift tags. We used texture plates,  and white drawing paper art sticks and collage materials like colored paper scraps and cellophane. We also wanted to use stamps but had stamps that we really  more for teachers to grade kids work.  You know Ones that said Excellent! Awesome job! etc.  If you use only markers instead of stamp pads it is easy to apply color only to the places of the stamp that you want to actually have stamp. So I used the stars and symbols around the text and avoided the text.

The other teacher I was working with had the brilliant idea or using up a old materials and Styrofoam trays to make our own stamps that was ingenuity at work.We used rubber bands ans stretched them onto a foam square to make stars and

 I was talking with some teenagers and wondered what kind of gift tag would you give someone who was getting coal? I came up with this idea.

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