Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest art teacher atHamiedye academy

Over this last  school year I have, amongst my other jobs, been working at a small private Islamic academy as the guest art teacher. I went in to the school using their lunch room to teach in. I brought all the art supplies with me. The first session met at the art gallery and students looked at works of art as well as working on a brief drawing of objects discussing contour and gesture drawing styles.

Other future sessions included poetry along with painting, cartooning, painting with tempera, drawing and clay work.The cartooning session I had posted earlier in the year and was  the one post with the snowmen.

The most recent completed project was ceramic clay tiles I rolled slabs in advance with a slab roller. I cut the slabs into square and rectangular pieces then I also used a pencil to make holes in the top of each tile shape.

We used red clay for the tiles then used white clay and a dark brown color clay. I showed students how to slip and score how to roll coils and how to use premade hand carved ceramic stamps on clay to make texture. These clay tiles are currently on display at the Memorial art Gallery's Creative Workshop Lucy Burne gallery.

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