Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tassels Worth The Hassel

 So when I started making bellydance belts I went through some phases. I went to every craft store in the local Rochester area looking for coins. The only thing I found was a trim with thin roman head coins. I started with that and  actually used this beaded Christmas tree trim I found with stars and moons on it along with beads. I started making tassels and fall belts and became a compulsive yarn buyer. I think I now have 43 types of yarn. and roughly 20 something belts....

For belt tassels I usually use the length of my hand to warp the yarn around.I wrap the yarn about 10 -20 times depending on the thickness I want the  tassel to be.

I have to warn you tassels also make for great cat toys. When working on them or wearing them expect your cats to notice and attach themselves to your belt...

My friend and I who would often craft together started to think of other ways to make tassels and have used them to make jewelry. You can click on the link below and buy some of these earrings

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