Thursday, March 29, 2012

Collage day

We recently had a Open house at the art gallery I work at. It was a day off from our art classes and was a day of open activities that families could drop into and try.

I was in the collage room we set out cafeteria style lunch trays and loads of supplies for people for people to use. These supplies included glue sticks,Elmer's white glue, yarn, ribbon, magazines, construction paper,Easter grass, tissue paper, craft foam,pencils,markers and colored pencils.

I brought my own little bag of collage goodies that I have had for years and refuse to part with until used up for collage. In my baggie were iridescent shiny reflective Kleenex box pieces, misprinted scrap booking background sheets i had photo copied, felt,shiny metallic foil pieces, old home economics book pictures, interesting scraps from other projects and other bits of fun stuff.

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