Thursday, March 29, 2012

Imaginary still lifes

At a resent sub substitute teaching job the assignment was still life. the students were not drawing from a actual still life but instead were looking at reference images of vases of flowers for still life and creating their own. I gave points on were to put the line so that the vase is not "falling off the table" The students looked at Vang Gogh's painting of Irises and we talked about color blending and I gave examples of how to blend colors with art stix and with markers.

Above are student examples and my examples are below. as we as my class board for the assignment.

Some of the students really had fun with the still life and started to create carnivorous flowers. I had to start to remind some of these kids that Still life's are to be still and not moving and are to be of everyday living objects but are not to move.

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