Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Translucent still life

I just finished teaching a day of still lifes at the art Gallery. The students are ages 7-13 and the day had several smaller drawing excerises to it The first was drawing part of a still life of translucent bottles and fake grapes in contour without picking up your pencil. Then draw the same object from the still life in blind contour- without looking at the drawing. The students had a paper folded into four parts for this actvitiy. The next drawing was the same onjects again but this time as a gesture drawing- quick fast broken sketchy lines to catch the movement of the onject. The last drawing was to draw the object in semi blind contour when you can look at the paper sometimes but not all the time.
This one I did with a private lesson the other night. Sorry it is so dark, I had to darker it so the light pencil would show.

The The second activity was the draw one part of the still life and pass it to a table neighbor who would draw the next part of the still life.

The above two examples are by two 7-9 year old girls who were sitting together.

For younger students we drew the still life then scribbled on the back in order to transfer it onto a drawing board.
For older students we drew the scene again.
The middle object in these is oil pastal and the outter objects are watercolor.

These images are by students ages 7-9

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