Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter eggs!

Easter eggs So every year for the last few years I have been working on some thing for Easter.I do not not remember when I become so holiday oriented but it happened.
This year i went back to a holiday favorite the plastic Eeaster egg! I got some of the smaller 2 inch eggs for the kids at work to have an Easter egg hunt with. I struggled with what to stuff them with. I did not want to go with candy. I used jewelery I had made a long time ago. I also used other things I hand made and some silly bands. I had some foam shapes, google eyes and some cotton balls. I created the little guys above with the supplies and some hot glue magic.
I created these decoupage eggs with: Modge Podge, some printed tissue paper, some confetti and more hot glue magic! These eggs are available for purchase through my sculptresslink etsy shop. Set of three with a matching basket.
I also created some little foam bunny puppets for Easter which are also available for purchase on the sculptresslink shop.

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