Monday, August 27, 2012

Art projects based on children's books

 I just finished a parent and child class at the art gallery. I prepared several projects based on Children's books. The first project I would like to share is a project based on Eric Carle’s “The Grouchy Lady Bug”
We used ceramic clay to make pinch pots and flipped them over then added a small mound of clay for the heads. We poked two holes in the hole with a pencil in order to hot glue wire antennae into them later. We used white oil pastels to draw leaves onto white paper and then brushed green water color onto them.
When the bugs were finished being fired we painted them with acrylic paints in two steps body and head then dots when the under coat of red dried. We cut the leaves and trimmed them up and glued them onto foam core board with tacky glue. After hot gluing the antennae on  I used a caulking adhesive glue to attach the ceramic bugs to the foam core board.

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