Monday, August 27, 2012

The drawing with a hole in it

I was at my local library looking for books for the children's classes I was teaching and I came across "The Book with a Hole In It."  by Herve Tullet. Just by looking at the spine alone  I was intrigued. This book is full on scenarios that all revolve around the hole in the book. On each double spread image there is a question for the reader as to what they want to but in the hole. You can throw balls of paper through a "basketball hoop" or make your face "whats for dinner." I not only really enjoyed reading this book to my young 3-5 year old students and letting them interact with it. I also enjoyed sharing it with older students and having them created their own drawing with a hole in it. We folded large poster sized white drawing paper in half then using scissors I had older students,7-9 cut a hole in the paper then draw a scene around it when they were done kids put their faces in the hole. One girl made a dog with the hole in the dog's face with grass and a yard around it another made the hole be the top of a lollipop and the rest of the paper was a lollipop stand selling the candy.

Here I am with an example I modeled after my dog.

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