Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Egg shell mosaic pendants

I was invited to be a part of a show called "Mothers Natures Closet" at my friends studio Stella Art Gallery and studio. This show features pieces that are wearable or are fashion accessories. The show opens this Friday and will be up until the end of September I made up some new eggshell mosaic pendants for the show. So after two days of eating hard boiled eggs for lunch and peeling the membrane from the shell and washing and drying to shells. I made some new pendants. I was working on a black and white theme for a client and went with black polymer clay and white shells.
Step one hard boil and peel membrane from eggshell Step 2 Wash and dry egg shell Step 3 Roll out polymer clay pendant and cut to shape. Step 4 Put down an area of liquid polymer on top of polymer clay pendant shape. step 5 Choose a piece of eggshell and press it gently into liquid polymer. step 6 Using a tool break the piece of eggshell into smaller pieces so it sticks in the liquid polymer. step 7 Bake the piece for approx 5 minutes step 8 Sand wet wet dry sand paper if needed Step 9 Apply multiple layers of Sculpey glaze or clear nail polish

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