Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to making dance costumes

 I have been interested in Belly dance for a long time now. I have studied with many gifted dance teachers since returning to NY in July 2006. I also really love making my own dance costumes and accessories. I actually am part of a tribal class that is doing a number that needed a tutu for costuming. So I put away the scrap booking stuff and got out the sewing supplies. I looked at several tutorials on how to make your own tutu. I had no idea how many rolls of tulle I  would need......... I am also going to make a new belt..... that will need grommets. I am completing these project now and revamping  some old pieces that need some repair from dance and travel related wear and tear. some need felt lining,some needs grommets and new way to be adjustable..

So for now here are the old pieces will put up new ones as they are completed.

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