Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Season Trees

 Getting geared for Valentines Day. So back in Fall I put up a Halloween tree. It was literally a branch. Although when I was preschool teacher I made a tree from sheets of cardboard paint and a glue gun for the kids to hang the"Seasons" ornaments on.  I also made a tree with balloon weight wires and lights

I never did put up our "Christmas branch" as I call it . In only use mini trees and mini ornaments. Some ornaments for trees I make.Sometimes I use Earrings that have lost their mate. Well at Wegmans in  fall I found the  battery operated lights and got some.Then I started the wreath trend for winter's holidays and got one more strand for the wreath on our door.

After Christmas the mini trees were sale for only 2.00 so I knew I wanted a black one for my Halloween tree each year and then this red one caught my eye so I created a Valentines tree this year. I used the orange Halloween lights again and then some of my Woodsies with a yarn and a glue gun for ornaments.

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