Friday, March 4, 2011

Steam Punk Swap through Faerie Dust Dreams

I am part of a steam punk swap hosted by Michelle of Faerie Dust dreams.Each Tuesaday this month Michelle is posting a steam punk themed tutuial.Here is the first one using stamps. She has also used two of my artist trading cards for her blog post and recent giveaway on Trading cards and featured my etsy shop on her blog.To see the link on my ATC's go here. To see the link on my shop go here.

I have been working on my steam punk items some are shown here. I found rusty metal walking the dog in the woods this last fall and knew it would come in handy . I cut them down from there original from sanded and filed them, I coated the metal in polyurethane so the rust would not rub off on clothing. I got some lock washers and beads, pieces of burned wood left from my hair sticks,broken electronic parts and such and super glued them on. I have made, pendents button covers, cuff link(pictured) and  post earrings

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