Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter sessions classes at the Art Gallery

It recently dawned on my that with all my busyness of projects that I have been behind on posting and updating the may wonderful projects I have been involved with or have had students do recently. This next Saturday wraps up my Saturday sessions for winter at the art gallery. I have done the this tube sculpture projects several times before but have often varied the materials students use for the sculpture ribbons coming out from the tube.
This time we had several strips of construction paper left over from another classes project so I decided to use. those.In the past student have used wire with beads, printed transparency sheets with colored patterns printed on them, craft foam sheets cut with Fiskars crazy edge scissors.

The student use paper towel tubes and cover them with a sheet of  construction paper.We leave about 1 inch or more on the bottom of the tube uncovered and cut slots into the tube.Those slots get folded open and glue is applied to those sticking them to the precut square or rectangular piece of cardboard.

Students then draw patterns on the strips and may fold them. The decide how to arrange them for visual interest using contrasting colors and patterns then glue them to the top and inside the tube as well as the the sides of the tube. I always tell students when using Elmer's glue to count to ten and hols the appear down . Other wise they always come back tome and say "It won't Stick"

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