Monday, May 2, 2011

6x6 Global show 2011

For the last few years I have participated in the ROCO 6x6 show. I have also had my  private tutor student participate these last few years I have worked with him. I remember a few years ago that  ROCO claimed it would be their last 6x6 show. I am so glad that they decided to continue it. This show is a great oppurtunity for artists to show there work and for art teachers to show their students work off.

Creating work on this small scale(6 in.x 6 in.) still allows for a lot of freedom for materials. The gallery benefits from the sale of the works. Most artists do not mind donated their work on this small scale and are thankful to get their names out their.

The one catch of the show if that the works should be signed on the back of the work and not the front. This is done intentionally so that buyers will look for work that they like instead of looking to buy work from a particular artist. So that said, I will not post pictures of this years submissions but I instead posted some of my last years works .

 Go to the show and see if you can find my pieces for this year!
Hint I like bright colors, mixed media and spirals.

This year ROCO gave the show a twist. They are trying to create a global show and were collecting works from all other the world! To see where are submissions came in from and to find out how to purchase any of this years or previous years work go to:

Here's the dates:
June 4 - July 10, 2011
Artwork Entries Due: May 1
Preview Hours (no purchasing): June 1, 2 & 3, 1-10pm
Opening Party & Artwork Sale: June 4, 6-10pm (admission: $5)
7:30pm raffle for buyer positions 1-20
8:00pm all other buyers
Global Online Purchasing Begins: June 6 at 10am:
Sold Out Artist Names Revealed Online: July 1 *New!
Artwork Purchase Price: $20 each
Cash prizes awarded by popular vote: July 1 *New!
Purchased Artwork Pick-Up: July 10, 11 & 12, 1-7pm

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