Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Turn your Turn

My Turn Your Turn.

So I have been working with my private tutor student for two tears now we have done watercolor, drawing, learning to shade, paper punch mosaic, polymer clay, pen and ink etc.

I decided he was ready for paint. I got out my acrylic paints set; my palette knifes my assorted brushes and showed him how they work and what they do. I usually work along side of him on my own artwork. That way I can show him things on my artwork instead of doing things to his. I worked on my own 8x 10 inch canvas panel board as he painted. I have continued to work on this canvas a little since then.

This is my canvas I have been working on called “Primary, Secondary, Kinda Hairy”

After a brief explanation I launched him right onto a 8x10 inch Canvas panel board explaining what the tools do as we went along. The first painting turned out beautifully. I also gave him some   8x 10 inch paper to paint on. Then I got out a small stretched canvas and we tried “My turn you turn”. Simply put I make a mark on the canvas then he does. We take turns, we interact with each other’s ideas and work with them.

Every so often I will turn the canvas around to another angle. My painting teachers always used to do this to me and it does help give some perspective to how weighted a given area of the canvas is visually by looking at it from another angle and from a distance.It also gave him another way to look it it before his turn.

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