Monday, February 6, 2012

Projects we did for Ground hog's day

 so forthe after school program..  We do a lot of holiday themes projects. I came up with this ground hog casting its shadow drawing...We used white copy paper, pencils and colored pencils...

I drew out the steps for the kids to follow then let them work on their own.

The other project-- commonly used amoungst elementary teachers via copy sheet- the popping ground hog puppet. Use a paper cup and a popsicle stick. Glue your paper ground hog to the stick then pierce it through the cup. Kids can now let the ground hog pop out of the cup. We added some extra's  We cut green construction paper and fringe cut the ends  then added shading and textural lines on on the  paper. tthen wrapped it and glue sticked in onto the cup. This part was a bit of the challenge for my young prek kids because the cup is slanted and the paper natrually wants to wrap straight so i had to assist with the wrapping step a bit. Kids loved  their finsihed product!

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