Saturday, February 25, 2012

Something Fishy

 I was in for a art teacher whom I have been subbing for for some time now.. I had to fill in for her for a few days the assignment was to create ocean creatures and sea life.  The students had several step by step drawing books to look at and  we watched several National Geographic clips for inspiration on the large classroom television monitor.  Several students wanted to include sharks, other options were squish fish and octopus. As the assigment progressed I rounded out the requiremnts to create a more complete compostion within the sea life drawings. I encouraged students to include plants and to vary the height and type of plants.I created an example poster and  put the requirments on it. I also demonstrated how to blend and high light the colors on the sea creatures using colored pencil and Art Stix. I reminded student to consider light source even though the scene is underwater.

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